Friday, April 27, 2007


Me (aka Squib) - 30 something Dyslexic/Dysgraphic whos has her BA in Russian History; who love to swim and do triathlons; two daughters; one amazing husband; one brother; both parents still living. I am a Squib because I am a non-writer born into a writing family.

Fly Guy - my husband who is a year younger then I am; an award winning computer programmer; loves fly fishing; an amazing person I love having in my life

History Girl - My oldest daughter will be 11 in July 2007; She loves researching history, but never writing about it (a girl after my own heart); she is a moody tween, but we love her

Horse Girl - My youngest daughter turned 7 in Feburary 2007; She loves everything horses; She also seems to have gotten a large dose of my learning disablities and that is why I needed to start this blog so I can get my thoughts straight without driving friends and family nuts

Writer Mom/ Writer Dad - My parents; they are wonderful grandparents and are always envolved in my girls' lives

Publisher Brother - My brother lives outside of Boston, he visits one a month or so with his wife.

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Sock Girl said...

I am positively delighted to discover you are blogging now, Squib! Welcome to the blogosphere.
Sock Girl